Revolutionizing Energy Management for SMEs

The EmPOWER project concludes by presenting a virtual energy manager for SMEs that offers various services to maintain control and security over energy contracting, consumption data, and connection with innovative energy efficiency services to reduce their electricity bills.


April 17, 2024

In an economic context where the energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation, with high price scenarios, where SMEs need to counteract the increase in bills through better energy contracting, seeking energy efficiency and the generation of renewable energy, EmPOWER emerges. This tool provides comprehensive control over critical aspects such as energy contracting, consumption data analysis, and integration with advanced energy efficiency services.

Its ability to transform consumption data into significant energy savings, as well as the possibility to securely share the consumption profile to personalize savings services, are standout features of its proposal.

EmPOWER offers key services like MyMeter, which provides the freedom to choose the smartest owned meter on the market; MyData, which maximizes the value of consumer data; MyBill, a virtual assistant that facilitates the negotiation and contracting of the best energy rate; and MyApps, which allows authorizing and managing third-party app access to consumer data.

Value Consortium

This project is the result of collaborative effort. Companies Bettergy, Sabbatic, and Bloock, supported by Smart City Cluster and AEI for Cybersecurity clusters, have worked in recent months to meet the needs of SMEs, each in their primary role.

Bettergy is an organization committed to changing the current energy model, creating innovative global digital solutions. It offers an intelligent energy efficiency platform for energy trading companies, as well as for industries and commercial businesses; within the project, Bettergy facilitates the comparison of rates to improve efficiency and reduce costs in SMEs.

Sabbatic, a national leader, provides solutions in the field of accounting process digitalization and analytics for simplified and full invoices. A crucial technology in simplifying processes and making informed decisions for energy savings. In the EmPOWER context, it has equipped the project with a technological solution that intelligently digitizes an electricity bill.

BLOOCK contributes cybersecurity to the entire process. It is a tech provider that offers software as a service simplifying the creation of secure information systems and exchanges using decentralized technologies like blockchain and distributed data systems.

Finally, the two clusters involved in the project, Smart City Cluster and AEI for Cybersecurity, mainly undertake coordination and dissemination tasks, meeting the requirements of the aid call for AEIs by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism in 2023, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan.

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