The European project SMC NetZero convenes experts and leaders in Copenhagen to achieve the zero-emissions goal in small to medium-sized municipalities.

On April 10th and 11th, the SMCNetZero Project’s Training Program sessions were held in Copenhagen, focusing on key facilitators paving the way for cities to reach the net-zero emissions target by 2030 and 2050.


April 16, 2024

The first day was dedicated to exploring various innovative financing mechanisms designed to support the ambitious goals of small and medium cities in achieving carbon neutrality within the set timelines.

Another critical pillar in achieving these goals is collaboration through co-creation processes, such as living urban labs and behavioral design methods, exploring both the benefits and challenges of these methodologies.

Discussions also covered innovation ecosystems and their crucial role in achieving goals and fostering commitment and support from citizens, businesses, and other key stakeholders.

On the second day, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into key aspects defining city operations and significantly impacting zero-emission targets, such as Mobility and Transport, Energy Efficiency, and Digital Planning.

Part of this day included a field visit to the Danish Outdoor Living Lab (DOLL), featuring a tour of significant urban solutions that can support digital transformation and help achieve the desired goal.

It was incredibly enriching to create an environment where Small and Medium Cities (SMCs) could share successes, face challenges, and provide mutual support to overcome pressing obstacles.

Contributions from partners, distinguished speakers, session moderators, and facilitators emphasized the need to promote a collaborative spirit to create an environment conducive to the active collaboration of the SMCs, thus accelerating progress towards carbon neutrality.

The next Local Adaptation Meeting will be held online on April 25th, applying the knowledge gained in the Enablement Phase to design tailor-made solutions that fit the local realities of our Small and Medium Cities (SMCs).

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