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Bettergy is an engineering and energy consulting company. They create global innovative technological solutions, offering their customers excellent service and respecting people. To do this, it combines data analysis with equipment and its experience in the energy sector so that through its energysequence management platform it is possible to save resources, which results in an improvement in results and reputation and a decrease in the risks of its clients.


Main Smart Cities Services

Solutions that adapt to your needs

Buildings represent 40% of energy consumption and almost 36% of co2 emissions. Companies are challenged to understand consumption trends at their headquarters, not only at the energy level, but also in terms of water consumption, waste and communications expenses, and may lack the resources to choose the best path. Bettergy provides fully segmented data, combined with updatable information from our team of experts, to create a roadmap with which to shape the business strategy that increases savings and efficiency.

Sustainable management in the industry

It is possible to know your energy, water, waste and communications data in your company, but many organizations lack the necessary awareness to positively implement these costs. Comparative analyzes, inefficiency analysis capacity and proposals for operational improvements and the need for investment by bettergy allow them to see more and better, save more and be more sustainable.

Present results for electric companies

Bettergy reactivates the electricity-client relationship to create a new energetic future. Its demand-side management solutions combine a unique portfolio of services, including sophisticated energy analysis, improving customer retention and loyalty and implementing programs to unlock business opportunities for electricity companies and savings for their customers.

They contribute to creating prosperous cities

A thriving city is like a healthy body: a complete system of variable elements that need to work in a coordinated way. Smart solutions in the field of energy and management of environmental data and noise bettergy allow cities not only to function, but to grow prosperously, allowing to transform the way people live, work and enjoy today.

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